Eyes - Tinting, Falsies & Extensions

We offer a range of treatments to give you the perfect party eyes. From simple tints to our Fantasy Weekend Lashes or Amazing Hollywood Extensions we'll get your eyes looking great. At the Sunshack in Blackwood the eyes have it! Check out our prices below.


Eyelash Tints - £6.50
Eyebrow Tints - £6.00
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint* - £10.50

Fantasy Weekend Lashes - £16.50
Diva Lashes - £19.50
Stronger glue, thick and easy to remove.
These lashes can last 1 week and longer with care. 

*Patch test required 24 hours prior. 

Fabulous Party Lashes - £25.00
Our Hollywood glue allows these individual lashes to stay in place so you can keep going with infills.

Amazing Hollywood Lashes* - £50.00
These are individual extensions added to your own lash, allowing you to infill weekly or every 2 weeks. Creating a natural luscious look. 
(Lashes vary in size and thickness to achieve desired effect depending on preference.) 

Sunshack Blackwood, 31 Bridge Street, Blackwood, Gwent, NP12 1AX

Tel: 01495 230230